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Team Conducts Research Among Jamaican Maroons

A team of UCLA ethnomusicologists consisting of Prof. Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje, graduate student Carol Merrill-Mirsky, and technician Jeff Richmond conducted a research project in Accompong, Jamaica, where they documented events surrounding the January celebration of the Jamaican Maroons. This annual event commemorates both the birthday of the Maroon ancestral leader, Kojo, and his decisive victory over the British, which resulted in the signing of the Peace Treaty of 1738-39. The Maroons are descendants of Africans brought to Jamaica by the Spanish in the 17th century. They succeessfully resisted enslavement by the subsequent British rulers of the island, and settled in the remote, mountainous region called the Cockpit Country, where they live today.

Jeff Richmond, Jacqueline DjeDje, and Carol
Merrill-Mirsky at the "Peace Cave" where
the 1738-39 Peace Treaty was signed.


Watch a short excerpt from the project - "Remembering Kojo" (4:51)

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