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"El Rey" Tito Puente
with the World Jazz Ensemble

Kenny Burrell, Francisco Aguabella, Jack Bishop, Tito Puente, Warren Ontiveros, Steve Loza,
Andy Connell
, Abhiman Kaushal, Eleni Maureas, Juan Vicente Contreras

May 20, 1999 Schoenberg Hall, UCLA

In May of 1999, Professor Steve Loza organized a conference at UCLA Musical Cultures of Latin America: Global Influences Past and Present.
Concurrently he wrote and published the book Tito Puente and the Making of Latin Music.

As part of the conference, Tito Puente himself made an appearance to perform with the World Jazz Orchestra (co-founded by Loza). It was an incredible evening of great music as jazz legend Kenny Burrell and Cuban master drummer Francisco Aguabella also joined the band.

Click the title to check out a sample from the show!
"Oye Como Va"

Steve Loza, Kenny Burrell, Tito Puente

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