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"In addition to his technical expertise, Mr. Richmond stands out for his meticulous approach, his extraordinarily hard work, and his commitment to making everything work for his faculty colleagues and the students who depend on him. He combines these qualities with a polite, friendly approach and a nice sense of humor."

  - Dr. Helen Rees
"My most profuse thanks for the unequalled kindnesses that you have shown me. Your presence again at the outset of the Brazil course instilled a confidence that otherwise would have dissolved. You are a prince."
  - Dr. Robert Stevenson
"I've been a professor in the UC system for twenty years. Five of those years were spent as Chairman of the Theater Department.In my time at the university I have never meet anyone quite like Jeff. Overwhelming is an understatement about Jeff's responsibilities. From morning to night, everyday, he is the man who is called on to 'do it'... from high quality recording to preparing the projection of films."
  - Dr. Robert Israel
"I have known Jeff since 1996 and have enjoyed working with him. He has always been friendly and professional and a true team player. He is one of the best I have met in this field. His services have been indispensable to our success..."
  - Kenny Burrell
"I always found Jeff a delight to work with. He was completely reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and invariably pleasant. He kept up with the latest developments in his field, gave us all good advice, finished his work in a timely fashion, and responded flexibly and energetically to the inevitable crises we faced."
  - Dr. Tim Rice

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